OTD designs

OTD, or OnTheDropper designs is a department of the webshop of the same name, here you will find unique self-designed products made from environmentally friendly materials in Sweden ... more specifically Dalarna.

All products under OTD designs are made of PLA plastic of different varieties, PLA is a type of plastic made from corn starch or sugar. This makes our own products free of petroleum-based plastic and is simply a better environmental choice.

On request, I can also manufacture the products you see here in PETG plastic PETG is basically the same plastic you find in soft drink bottles, etc., an alternative if you need more weather-resistant products for constant outdoor use.

This category will be filled continuously as new ideas pop up and take shape but I am happy to help if you have a problem you need help with, I am happy to make tools that you will not find anywhere else according to your needs, email to info @ onthedropper .com and we will see if we can not find a solution together.

Vår egen Kroklossare.

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Rod & Ready

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