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What do we do for the environment ?

What do we do for the environment? 
Our own products ... 
OnTheDropper manufactures all its own designed products from a plant-based, 
100% biodegradable plastic called PLA, mainly X-PLA from a Swedish manufacturer called Addnorth. 

This makes our own products a very good alternative to products made in Asia where mainly petroleum-based plastic is used and with long transport routes
 to end users (you, the customer), our products are designed and manufactured in Sweden by Swedish raw materials and according to the principle "On demand"
This means that we do not overproduce any product, we have the most popular products in small stocks and can usually ship immediately but manufacture gradually to refill,
 we therefore never need to buy larger volumes of what we sell and we can thus focus on to develop new products instead of stocking a few. 
This is what makes you find things with us that you will not find anywhere else! 

Our waste ... 
All waste from packaging is recycled based on its material, plastic separately, paper separately, etc. 
Residual products from the production itself are collected separately and sent back to the manufacturer for composting !! 

All packaging that comes to us is reused for a new transport as far as possible, that is why you may receive a package with another company's logo on the package, 
because we believe that a carton is not consumed just because it has been used. 

With one exception... 
Our product EcoCutter is made of ABS plastic in China ... this is because it would be manufactured in larger series as it is sold in volumes we can not produce ourselves, 
and that it was my (Ola Andersson´s) first self-designed product and then I had no own production. 
But I think it compensates for its manufacturing cost as it does good,
it collects all those small pieces of line you normally drop in the river / lake / sea when you change fly / hook / bait.